Are you ready to face a tax audit?

VAT fraud causes France to lose nearly 20 billion euros every year. Knowing that each year, VAT accounts for nearly half of tax revenues, the State has made the fight against VAT fraud its banner call and has even created a new tax police service. Through these efforts, in 2019 alone, 9 billion euros were […]

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Self-attestation with fiskaltrust: Why? For whom?

In order to fight against VAT fraud, French law requires for all cash register software and systems to comply with the ISCA conditions (inalterability, security, data retention and archiving). Therefore, it is mandatory to prove its conformity by a certificate issued by a government accredited body or by an individual attestation from the software publisher […]

Deconfinement: Phase 2

In light of the improved health situation in France, the government launched the second stage of deconfinement yesterday. Travel, reopening of cafés, bars and restaurants, parks and gardens, gradual resumption of cultural and sporting life, preparation of holidays… Phase 2 of the deconfinement will take place from 2 to 21 June 2020. Since yesterday, France […]

Commerçants : appréhendez le déconfinement sereinement

Merchants : apprehend deconfinement serenely

On May 7, the Government  announced that all stores could reopen on May 11, provided that they guarantee the safety of employees and customers. Are all stores really concerned? What are the measures to be applied for a reopening? fiskaltrust takes stock to help you apprehend the deconfinement serenely and thus restart your activity with […]

Votre caisse est déjà conforme?

4 Reasons to use the fiskaltrust.Service

While we all have to face an unprecedented pandemic, we now must look to the future and the path out of the Coronavirus crisis, so that we can resume our normal activity as quickly as possible. Are you a cash register software manufacturer or publisher, responsible for large corporations’ cash systems? fiskaltrust offers these customers […]

Coronavirus: Government actions for impacted companies

On Tuesday, March 17, 2020, while the country entered lock-down, the authorities are trying to minimize the impact of the COVID-19 health crisis on businesses. This includes encouraging the employers to use partial unemployment for their employees, by proposing the postponement payment of social contributions, as well as offering the possibility of postponing the payment […]

Law combatting waste: the end of receipts

The great national debate has revealed that the French are paying more and more attention to the environment and wish to accelerate the ecological transition. To ensure that everyone can take action on a daily basis, the Government has, beginning in spring 2018, presented various measures aimed at improved production, leaner consuming and better waste […]

Inalterability explained

After offering explanations of hashing and chaining, fiskaltrust presents to you the concept of data inalterability for cash registers.  Data on computers is never inalterable, someone can always change it, even if it is only the highest administrator of a company or computer. That is the basic concept of data usage on a computer.  But […]

Is your business suffering as a result of the strikes? The French government can help you!

After more than a month of stikes, the Ministry of Economy and Finance has decided to assist the businesses which were badly affected. What does this mean for merchants? fiskaltrust takes stock to help make it clear. The Ministry of Economy and Finance offers fact sheets directing any business to the appropriate contact and describing what the government can do to support and […]