brings security to your cash register!


We offer tailor-made consulting services for POS software manufacturers and large companies to help them with the certification of their POS system in France.

Certify your POS software with LNE or Infocert or use self-attestation for your product; we have the right solution for you!


The fiskaltrust.Interface is a country-independent, standardised interface which connects your cash register to our security system.

You can find the interface documentation and user manual in our public GitHub repository.

With this software component you can meet all legal requirements such as chaining, consecutive document numbering, turnover counter, document creation, transaction logs, etc.


With the fiskaltrust.Portal you can store and manage all the tax-relevant data of your cash register and optimise your business processes. It is a central point to carry out or check the configuration of the safety equipment of all cash registers.

Further functions, products and cooperations are planned.

We offer a range of tools necessary for your business to comply with tax regulations.

Our products


We offer tailor-made consulting services to help POS manufacturers and large companies certify their cash register system.
Certify your cash register software with LNE or Infocert, or set up the individual attestation of the cash register software publisher; we have solutions made for you!


This software component is designed to fulfill all legal requirements, like chaining, ticket number, grand totals storage, receipts, transaction protocol, etc.
It is the ideal solution for PC cash registers, which have been installed on site by the user.


Ideal for web shops, app-based cash registers and cash registers with a permanent internet connection.
In addition to allowing you to fulfill the legal obligations, this software component offers additional functions online.


The ArchiveAuditable option enables the recording and archiving of relevant tax data.
Our archiving process meets the requirements of the French tax authorities.

Our business model

In addition to our free of charge middleware, we offer consulting and additional products to automate and optimize your processes. We have interesting models of cooperation for our partners, whether they be POS manufacturers, POS software creators or large companies.


If you offer ECR or automatic cash registers, we have a simple, fast and free solution to optimize your system, facilitate certifications and compliance with the law.

POS Creator

Help your customers improve their efficiency! We offer automated processes to meet your needs in the best way.

POS Dealer

Comply with tax regulations and duties with our Freemium services. Ask your POS Creator and / or POS Dealer!

POS Operator

Meet our superheroes!

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