Reopening of the terraces on 19 May, opening of vaccination to all in mid-June… the long-awaited economic recovery should arrive very quickly! But you have not yet brought your cash register system into compliance with the law? Now is the time to do so before the tax authorities come knocking at your door.

Are you a shopkeeper, restaurant owner, hotelier or cash register user?

The first thing to do is to check that your cash register system uses a certified version or comes with a self-attestation from the manufacturer and that your cash register is therefore secure (as a reminder, this is a legal requirement). If this is not the case, contact the supplier of your cash register as soon as possible to deploy a legally compliant version.

Are you a reseller or distributor of POS systems?

You know the saying “ignorance of the law is no excuse”, so if you already provide a legally compliant POS system, now is the time to contact your customers who are using an older, non-compliant version and explain the obligation to use a legally compliant system. Our experience has shown that many users are unaware of this obligation and very little communication has been done on this subject,  even though the risks of using a non-compliant solution are very high.

At the end of the confinement period, the tax authorities’ controls will start again and even intensify! Protect your customers from unnecessary penalties now.

Be careful if you sell point of sale systems without certification or self-attestation!

By doing so, you are putting your business and your customers’ businesses at risk. The deliberate placing on the market of non-compliant POS systems is severely sanctioned by the tax authorities. But you can remedy this situation by contacting the various manufacturers of cash registers whose products you distribute today to find a solution. And why not introduce them to our free solution with fiskaltrust.Middleware? This way, they can offer a compliant solution on the French market in just a few days, for free. And the advantage for you is that you can complete your product portfolio with our successful business model.

Are you a POS software developer or creator?

With the new BOI released at the end of December, do you need to modify your POS systems? With fiskaltrust.Middleware you will receive a product that meets all legal requirements for POS systems free of charge.

Chaining, signing, archiving… Discover how fiskaltrust can facilitate your compliance (and its maintenance) with the law in a sustainable way:

And you can get started in just a few minutes!

A complete description of our interface is available on GitHub and we also provide you with many integration examples to guide you and simplify the integration.

Our trilingual support team (English, French and German) will answer all your questions by email or by phone. For free and within a few days, your point of sale systems will be legally compliant and you will be able to guarantee your distributors/resellers as well as the users of your solutions the security they need thanks to the self-attestation (individual certificate of the editor).

fiskaltrust can even go one step further and help you obtain certification with LNE or Infocert! Our team of experts will accompany you throughout the certification process until you receive the certificate. This allows you to take advantage of the LNE label or the NF-525 mark in your marketing communication and to make your point of sale system even more efficient.

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