The health crisis has pushed many retailers to go digital and open an online store. The government wholeheartedly supports the digitization process and has set up the website.

This site lists more than 40 offers, which are accessible and free of charge, in order to enable small business owners to maintain and continue their business online. The offers include: creating a website, finding a logistics or remote payment solution, joining a market place, etc. …

To help you in your digitalization process, fiskaltrust returns on the subject of the legal obligations of e-tailers in terms of collection systems.


Subsequent to laws passed in January 2018, all cash register software, cash registers and other cashier systems must be secured.

Also, in order to combat VAT fraud, French law requires all cash register software and systems to comply with ISCA (conditions of inalterability, security, conservation and archiving of data).

You can prove your compliance in two ways:

  • By an individual certificate from the publisher of the accounting or management software or the cash register system concerned
  • By a certificate issued by an accredited body under the conditions provided for in Article L.433-4 of the Consumer Code.

Who is concerned?

Many e-tailers mistakenly believe they are in compliance with the law. However, the law stipulates that collection systems that only accept payments by card or bank transfer are not affected by the certification requirement.

But beware, if you accept the following means of payment:

  • Payment in cash or check upon delivery
  • Voucher
  • Gift card

As soon as you accept any other types of payment than credit/debit card or wire transfer you are affected by the obligation to secure your checkout system and must ensure it is in compliance with the law.

What fiskaltrust can do for you?

Thanks to fiskaltrust.Middleware, your checkout system will meet the legal requirements.

Because with the chaining of fiskaltrust, all documents are numbered and linked together. Thus, legal protection against manipulation is guaranteed.

With our backup system, every saved document is automatically and securely saved.

Using our signature, each created document will be provided with a unique QR code, to simplify your audits by the tax authorities.

The chaining, the ticket number, the storage of the sums, the receipts, the transaction protocol, … fiskaltrust has everything planned for you to be compliant and to stay compliant!

Our team of experts is also there to advise you and accompany you in the certification process. Indeed, fiskaltrust offers tailor-made consulting services to help you to certify your cash register software with LNE or Infocert, to unblock a LNE or Infocert certification file at the “break-even point”, or to set up the individual certificate of the cash register software publisher.

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