Is your POS software compliant with French laws?

fiskaltrust assists manufacturers and publishers of cash register software, as well as, large companies who create their own software, in securing the fiscalisation of their software and cash register systems to comply with tax regulations.

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Certification of POS systems

LNE has developed a certification system for cash register systems to demonstrate the compliance of certified products according to the regulatory requirements.

This standard applies to the following POS systems:

  • Cash registers
  • Cash register softwares
  • Others (eg: fiscal printers)
  • Regulated measuring tools incorporating a cash register system.

NF Cash register management software (NF525)

This is INFOCERT’s certification solution to meet the requirements defined in BOI-30-10-30 of 30 December 2020, also called “the law against VAT fraud”. It certifies to the tax authorities the inalterability, securing, storage and archiving of sales data, recorded in a POS system.


Individual certificate issued by the software publisher

Compliance with the conditions of inalterability, security, data storage and archiving of data can be demonstrated by an individual certificate issued by the software publisher, in accordance with a model laid down by the administration.

Certify a cash register software with LNE or Infocert, unblock a LNE or Infocert certification request that is deadlocked, or set up the individual attestation of the cash register software publisher; we have the solution made for you!

From the integration of the fiskaltrust software component, to the management of relations with the different organizations, and the follow-up of the progress of the file, fiskaltrust offers a complete solution.

The fiskaltrust team of experts is here to advise and assist you in the certification process, allowing you to focus on your core business.

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