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Deconfinement: Phase 2

In light of the improved health situation in France, the government launched the second stage of deconfinement yesterday.

Travel, reopening of cafés, bars and restaurants, parks and gardens, gradual resumption of cultural and sporting life, preparation of holidays… Phase 2 of the deconfinement will take place from 2 to 21 June 2020.

Since yesterday, France is therefore distinguishing an orange zone, which includes Île-de-France, French Guiana and Mayotte (an area that still requires special vigilance), and a green zone for the rest of the departments.

The government reiterated that respect for physical protection measures and social distancing must remain rigorously in place. The limit on gatherings of 10 people in the public spaces is maintained and employees working from home is still to be favoured.

Cafés, bars, restaurants

  • Reopening of all establishments in the green zones; and
  • Partial reopening of the establishments (terraces only) in the orange zones.

For all cafés, bars and restaurants, a minimum distance of 1 metre between each table and a maximum of 10 people per table must be respected. Also, masks must be worn by employees and customers when moving around.

Tourist accommodation (holiday villages, family holiday homes, hotels and campsites)

Tourist accommodation can also open provided that specific sanitary rules are respected:

  • Opening on 2 June 2020 for the green zones; and
  • Opening on 22 June 2020 for the orange zones.

Children’s summer camps will reopen on June 22, 2020.


The Prime Minister also announced last Thursday, the end of the ban on travel over 100 km from 2 June.

Nevertheless, travel between metropolitan France and overseas France remains subject to overriding health, family or professional reasons, with specific measures for Mayotte and French Guiana.

For travel within the European Union, internal border restrictions are maintained until 15 June 2020. European coordination will be put in place from this date to reopen internal borders but also to adopt a common position on travel outside the European Union.

Culture, leisure, sports

As with tourist accommodation, leisure facilities may be opened on condition that specific sanitary rules are respected:

  • 30 May 2020 for parks and gardens;
  • June 2, 2020 for beaches, lakes and bodies of water;
  • 2 June 2020 for all museums and monuments; and
  • 22 June 2020 for all cinemas.

And more specifically, swimming pools, gymnasiums and sports halls, leisure parks, theatres and concert halls will reopen:

  • June 2, 2020 for the green zones; and
  • on 22 June 2020 for the orange zones.

Reminder: Until at least 21 June 2020, the following are not yet permitted or open to the public:

  • gatherings of more than 10 people in the public space;
  • team and contact sports;
  • discos and game rooms; and
  • stadiums and race courses.

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Commerçants : appréhendez le déconfinement sereinement

Merchants : apprehend deconfinement serenely

On May 7, the Government  announced that all stores could reopen on May 11, provided that they guarantee the safety of employees and customers.

Are all stores really concerned? What are the measures to be applied for a reopening? fiskaltrust takes stock to help you apprehend the deconfinement serenely and thus restart your activity with a light heart.

All shops can open, except…

“All businesses will reopen except cafes, bars, restaurants” said the Minister of Economy, Bruno Lemaire, at the presentation of the deconfinement plan last Thursday.

So far there have been no surprises; this is indeed what Emmanuel Macron announced following his meeting on April 24 with professionals in the hotel and restaurant sector.

Nevertheless, Édouard Philippe specified on Thursday that a possible recovery would be reassessed at the end of the month.

A rumour was circulating about a possible reopening of bars and restaurants on June 15, but this was denied by Bruno Lemaire. The Minister of Economy indeed specified that “no date has been set” before adding that he was “perfectly aware that there is the tourist season ahead of us, so the sooner the better”. Thus, it is conceivable that this summer a reopening will be possible for cafés, bars and restaurants.

Some subtleties are added to the shops that can open… Thus shopping centres of more than 40,000 m² are allowed to reopen, with the agreement of the prefects. With the exception of shopping centres in the Ile de France region, for which, according to Bruno Lemaire “health risks lead us to postpone their opening”. So no shopping at Galeries Lafayette or Printemps for the moment.

All shops can open, if…

Businesses are allowed to open if they make every effort to prevent the spread of Covid19. Thus, the Government has specified that reopenings must be made on condition that “strict specifications are respected, limiting the number of people present in the shop at the same time and organising the flows”.

Edouard Philippe thus explained that for all shops :

  • Queues had to be organised in order to respect a minimum distance of one metre between customers.
  • Hydroalcoholic gel should be made available at the entrance to the stores or just before the checkout.

The Prime Minister also recalled that it remains essential to “multiply barrier gestures to reduce the circulation of the virus and its speed as much as possible”.

The Minister of Labour, Muriel Pénicaud, added that “trade or sectoral guides co-developed with professionals and submitted for consultation with the social partners” on the health measures to be applied in all shops “are available on the Ministry of Labour‘s website”.

Votre caisse est déjà conforme?

4 Reasons to use the fiskaltrust.Service

While we all have to face an unprecedented pandemic, we now must look to the future and the path out of the Coronavirus crisis, so that we can resume our normal activity as quickly as possible.

Are you a cash register software manufacturer or publisher, responsible for large corporations’ cash systems? fiskaltrust offers these customers support in order to secure the fiscalisation of their cash registers. The fiskaltrust.Interface is a standardized software interface between the electronic registration system and the free security application.

 Here are 4 reasons why you should use fiskaltrust.Services!

A Solution that Conforms to the Law

As of January 1, 2018, all cash register software, electronic cash registers and other POS systems must be secured. They must meet the conditions of inalterability, security, conservation and archiving set by law.

By integrating the fiskaltrust.Service, your checkout system will meet those legal requirements.

Indeed, with fiskaltrust chaining mechanism, all documents are numbered and linked together. Thus, legal protection against manipulation is guaranteed.

With our backup system, each saved document is automatically saved securely.

Using our signature, each document created will have a unique QR code, to simplify tax administration audits.

Chaining, ticket numbering, storage of sums, receipts, transaction protocol, … In short, everything to be compliant!

A Solution that is Free

The challenge for fiskaltrust is to help manufacturers and publishers of cash register software to easily comply with tax legislation and to be as cost-effective as possible for manufacturers (PosCreator), resellers (PosDealer) and users (PosOperator).

Thus, fiskaltrust has chosen to publish the fiskaltrust.Interface in a public GitHub project

You therefore have the option of using the fiskaltrust.Service for FREE when it is installed locally.

Our product “ChaîneLocale” is the ideal solution for cash registers installed on site by the user. It is compatible with all types of equipment and allows you to comply with the legal specifications of the DGFiP while optimizing your business processes. And all this from € 0 per month!

Help in Troubled Times

fiskaltrust is a fintech company combining tax and IT knowledge and representing a model of trust and fairness for companies, tax authorities and consumers by offering a service oriented towards partnerships.

fiskaltrust also makes it a point of honour to treat its customers, partners, colleagues and employees equally.

Thus, more than 22,000 manufacturers, developers, resellers, consultants and companies have trusted us and take advantage of the fiskaltrust.Service.

In these difficult times, caused by the COVID19 health crisis, save time and money by using a solution that requires no development on your part. And give yourself peace of mind for future tax audits by using our security system.

A Solution that Evolves with Your Business

fiskaltrust is a company open to comments and new ideas. We use agile methods for our development as well as for our management and adopt the latest technologies in our products.

In addition to the free “ChaîneLocale”, fiskaltrust offers additional products and functions in order to obtain better performance for your cash registers but also to facilitate your daily life.

  • The fiskaltrust.Portal: This option allows the recording and conservation of all relevant tax data, for maximum optimization of your business processes thanks to the complete automation of the functions of the cash register. You can manage your cash registers in a single location and keep track of your receipts.
  • ChaîneCloud: In addition to meeting all legal requirements, this software component offers additional online functions. It is the ideal solution for online stores, automat applications, anything that is permanently connected to the Internet. No installation of software components on the POS system is necessary.
  •  ArchiveAuditable: This option allows the recording and archiving of relevant tax data in accordance with French law. An essential tool in the event of an audit of the tax administration.

Look to the future and calmly prepare for the end of the crisis with fiskaltrust!

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Coronavirus: Government actions for impacted companies

On Tuesday, March 17, 2020, while the country entered lock-down, the authorities are trying to minimize the impact of the COVID-19 health crisis on businesses. This includes encouraging the employers to use partial unemployment for their employees, by proposing the postponement payment of social contributions, as well as offering the possibility of postponing the payment of the next due dates for corporate tax and payroll tax. 

fiskaltrust presents to you the measures announced by the government to help companies cope with the Coronavirus health crisis. 


Faced with the current situation, the request of the employee to work from home cannot be refused by the employer. Thus, as soon as the activity allows, the establishment of employees working from home is imperative. 

The Ministry of Labour also clarified, following the President’s speech on March 16, 2020, that in the context of the confinement, telecommuting is now the rule and that professional travel will only be authorized for jobs that cannot be set up for this work mode. 

Partial unemployment: 

The government is encouraging companies to use partial unemployment and the President has announced that compensation paid to employees will be reimbursed in full. 

The Government is currently discussing the practical implementation of this measure. Nevertheless, the Ministry of Labour communicated the following information: 

  • Companies will have one month (30 days) to make their declaration of partial unemployment, with retroactive consideration. 
  • Within the limit of 4.5 times the minimum wage, the partial unemployment scheme should cover all of the compensation paid by the company to employees. 

Childcare allowance: 

Following the closure of all schools, a system similar to daily allowances has been provided for parents who have to look after their children. Thus, only one of the two parents at a time will be able to benefit, without any waiting period, from compensation and this for a maximum of 20 days. 

Paid vacation: 

An employer has the option of asking employees who have already set leave dates to move them so that they correspond to the period of reduced activity. 

An employer may also impose a week of paid leave on an employee during the confinement period after the establishment of a company or branch agreement. 

Deferral of contributions: 

Companies wishing to do so, are able to postpone the payment of social security contributions due on March 15. The monthly deadline of March 20, 2020 for the self-employed will not be enforced. 

Tax settlement deadlines: 

Businesses facing difficulties will be able to defer payment of the next corporate and payroll tax payments without penalty. The government also proposes to suspend monthly contracts for the payment of property tax and the CFE. The measures announced concern, for the time being, only direct taxes. Thus, withholding tax and VAT are currently excluded from this measure, but a communication from the tax administration specifies that no penalty will be applied in the event of late payment of indirect taxes. 

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Law combatting waste: the end of receipts

The great national debate has revealed that the French are paying more and more attention to the environment and wish to accelerate the ecological transition. To ensure that everyone can take action on a daily basis, the Government has, beginning in spring 2018, presented various measures aimed at improved production, leaner consuming and better waste management. This roadmap for the circular economy has been supplemented by an anti-waste law project. After the adoption by Parliament at the end of January 2020, the anti-waste law for a circular economy was promulgated on February 11th. 

The anti-waste law for a circular economy is built around five main objectives: 

  • Get out of using disposable plastic 
  • Better inform consumers 
  • Take action against planned obsolescence 
  • Reduce plastic packaging 
  • Act against waste and consensus for reuse 

Today we are interested in the last point which foresees the end of the systematic printing of receipts. 

A move towards the end of automatic receipt printing 

In the draft of the law, the government reminds us that there is no current obligation to print receipts for the provision of goods and services amounting to less than € 25 including tax. Additionally, the government remarked that in France, the printing of receipts is systematic even if the customer refuses it and does not even consult it in the end. 

This represents tens of billions of simple receipts printed each year in France. 

The Government also stresses that receipts printed on thermal paper have an impact on public health. Despite the choice of many merchants to use thermal paper containing bisphenol F or S rather than the controversial bisphenol A; no sufficient studies have shown that these are nontoxic and not harmful. 

The anti-waste law for a circular economy therefore puts an end to the systematic printing of receipts in sales areas in France unless the customer has clearly expressed his wish to obtain proof of his purchase. 

The objective, set for January 1, 2023, is the systematic ban on any sales receipt that has not been requested by the customer for any transaction regardless of the amount. 

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Source :;jsessionid=981B6A006CD4A64802D191938A831725.tplgfr37s_1?cidTexte=JORFTEXT000041553759&dateTexte=&oldAction=rechJO&categorieLien=id&idJO=JORFCONT000041553756 

Inalterability explained

After offering explanations of hashing and chaining, fiskaltrust presents to you the concept of data inalterability for cash registers. 

Data on computers is never inalterable, someone can always change it, even if it is only the highest administrator of a company or computer. That is the basic concept of data usage on a computer. 

But on the other hand, bookkeeping data should never be changed after being processed the first time. In the past, this was much easier to achieve. When written with a ballpoint pen on a piece of paper, it is automatically inalterable . When the paper is a page in a hardback book, the page cannot be removed without it being noticed. This is, for all intents and purposes, an elementary version of inalterability. 

In information technology, this has to be done by design and as previously noted, can never be 100% assured. 

To implement inalterability by design for a POS-System, certain criteria need to be fulfilled such as: 

  • No possibility to delete data 
  • If the data on a receipt is changed: 
    • Any necessary modification is carried out by compensation (balancing by adding or subtracting to the original data, without altering the original data) 
    • The original data cannot be changed directly, it is in a read-only format 

However, none of this is useful if the data is directly changed in the database or where it is stored. This is the reason a hash over the whole data set is created. In short, if even one minimal value (e.g. a point) is changed in the data set, the new calculated hash value is completely different to the old one. 

So if the hash value of the preceding data set (or receipt in this context) is included to calculate the actual hash value, a chain is established. And here the vision becomes clear, with this combination of hashing and chaining, even the smallest change can be made visible. The change is obvious, because one value change in a single receipt results in a recalculation of the complete list of hash-values until the end of the chain. However, decoding this recalculation is so time-consuming that it would require millions of computers to continuously test all possibilities for several decades to decode one and only one hash. 

Data is not really inalterable but with this technique changes cannot be made without being noticeable. While it is not possible to recreate the original data out of the hash value and the changed data cannot be made visible, the broken chain is enough to show the traces of fraudulent (altered) tax relevant data. 

The statutory requirement for immutability in France has now been implemented and legislators are aware that data can be changed. However, with this procedure and the additional signing of the receipts, security against modification can be achieved, making it very difficult to manipulate the cash register data.

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Is your business suffering as a result of the strikes? The French government can help you!

After more than a month of stikes, the Ministry of Economy and Finance has decided to assist the businesses which were badly affected. What does this mean for merchants? fiskaltrust takes stock to help make it clear.

The Ministry of Economy and Finance offers fact sheets directing any business to the appropriate contact and describing what the government can do to support and assist you.

For ease of reference, you can find the list of dedicated contacts on the site to help you in the following processes:

  • Accelerate the refund of your tax credits (VAT)  
  • Postponement of your social security and / or tax deadlines (URSSAF, taxes) 
  • If necessary, analyse your situation and propose a plan to stagger your receivables with the support of the government and the Banque de France 
  • Obtain or maintain a bank loan via Bpifrance 
  • Fund of your employees through the partial unemployment mechanism
  • Handle a conflict with your customers or suppliers 

You can also carry out the procedures yourself or with the help of your accountant, on the following issues:

Problems with tax and social contribution payments 

  • You can ask the tax office of the companies to which you are linked for an accelerated refund of your tax credits (CICE, VAT). 
  • By explaining your difficulties to your collection agency, you can obtain a delay of payment for your social security contributions (URSSAF, supplemental retirement organizations, etc.) for the month of December 2019. 
  • In the event of financial difficulties, the Commission of Head of Financial Services (CCSF) can grant you delayed payment terms in order to pay your tax and social security debts (employer’s share). 
  • You can use the public accountant to obtain a settlement plan to spread out the payment of your tax debt. If your difficulties cannot be resolved by a staggering plan, you can request a partial or total reduction for direct taxes. 

Cash-flow problems, credit repayment

  • If you have problems with your requests for financing from your bank, credit mediation can intervene to ease your difficulties. 
  • Do you have loans guaranteed by Bpifrance? An extension of deadlines in the repayment of your loan can be granted on request to your bank. 

Difficulties with your employees or risk of dismissal

  • If you plan to place your employees in a state of partial unemployment, you can request partial activity from the DIRECCTE and thus receive an allowance funded by the government and the body in charge of managing your unemployment insurance scheme. 

Conflicts with customers or suppliers

  • You can call on Business Mediation, which offers a free mediation services, in order to settle any dispute related to the execution of a private law contract, including tacit, or a public order (ex: late payment, non-compliant services or goods…).

fiskaltrust facilitates the compliance and certification of your cash register. With our expertise, it will meet legal requirements! 

Whether you are user, integrator or manufacturer, fiskaltrust provides secure taxation for cash registers. 

Thanks to our tailor-made consulting services, we help manufacturers and publishers of cash register software as well as large companies to bring their POS software in compliance with French law. 

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fiskaltrust is hiring a Business Developer

fiskaltrust is a growing fintech company combining tax and IT knowledge and representing a model of trust and fairness for companies, tax authorities and consumers. 

fiskaltrust helps cash register creators (both hard- and software) to easily achieve legal fiscalization for their cash registers according to different EU-Laws, by offering a cost-effective solution that enables development across Europe and across borders, and by offering a service oriented towards partnerships. 

We are looking for a Business Developer to develop our services in France. 

Missions and responsabilities 

1) Gain new customers: 

  • Commercial development with new companies in France 
  • Book appointements 
  • Present our offers 
  • Negotiate with companies 
  • Drafting commercial proposals with our Key Account Manager 
  • Closings 

2) Develop and manage your existing customer portfolio: 

  • Develop a dedicated customer portfolio 
  • Ensure the renewal of customers from one year to the next 
  • Sell ​​new products to your customers to increase the efficiency of your customer portfolio 
  • Provide 2nd Level support on IT issues 

Training will be offered to you so that you perfectly master our tools, our sector, sales techniques … 

Experience, training and skills desired 

  • Graduated from a business or engineering school, or university 
  • Previous experience in sales 
  • Team player 
  • Autonomous, organized and resilient 
  • Strength of conviction 
  • Empathetic 
  • Taste for challenge: desire to exceed your goals 
  • Interest in the IT sector 
  • Working proficiency of both French and English 

If you like taking on challenges, this position is for you. You can apply directly by sending your application to 

Job type: Full time 

Salary : between 28 000,00€ and 35 000,00 /year depending of profile 

Fiskaltrust du 16.-20. février 2020 à l'EuroShop

Fiskaltrust at EuroShop from February 16th to 20th 2020

fiskaltrust will once again be represented as an exhibitor at the EuroShop in Düsseldorf this year. Come discover the current state of the fiskaltrust.Middleware and of our complementary solutions.

We will be happy to show you the benefits that fiskaltrust can bring to your POS system in an international environment. Take the opportunity to first discover how you can use your system in the French market, in accordance with the law. Then find out how you can easily and cost effectively integrate the laws of other European countries into your application.

Find out all about the uniform and standardized interface for legally compliant fiscalization in France, Austria and Germany. You will find us in hall 03 on stand 3G92. To make an appointment with one of our specialists, it is best to contact us in advance. We are looking forward to your visit.

Contact us to make an appointment

Legal Notices

Easily certifying your cash register software is possible!

In order to fight against VAT fraud, French legislation has required the certification of cash register software, cash register systems and other payment systems. 

Thus, since January 1, 2018, the law requires professionals to equip themselves in order to meet the conditions of inalterability, security, data storage and archiving of data (see the 2016 Finance Law published in BOI August 3 2016). 

Compliance with these conditions is demonstrated by a certificate issued by an accredited body (LNE or Infocert) or by an individual attestation issued by the software publisher. The software publisher must issue an individual attestation or request certification from an accredited organization. 

Certification of software and cash register systems can seem like a real “headache”. 

fiskaltrust makes compliance of your software or cash register system and certification easier 

A secure software component

fiskaltrust has developed a software component, which assists with the compliance of software and cash register systems, specifically by fulfilling the following requirements: 


· Preservation of the original data recorded, made unmodifiable a posteriori. 

· Any necessary modification is carried out by compensation (balancing is enabled by adding or subtracting to the original data, without altering the original data). 

· The integrity of the recorded data is guaranteed over time by a reliable technical process. 

Traceability and security of information: 

· The security is ensured by a reliable technical process, in order to guarantee and allow verification of the return of the data in the state of their original registration, as required by the regulations. This technique is call record chaining. 

The preservation and archiving of data: 

· fiskaltrust proposes to keep the settlement data used to establish the company’s accounting, for a period of ten years (only 6 years are required by law). 

· The fiskaltrust software component allows the archiving of recorded data at a regular intervals, with a maximum delay of one per year or per fiscal year. The purpose of the archiving procedure is to fix the data and render the date of the archived documents tamperproof. fiskaltrust provides a technical solution that ensures the integrity of the records produced over time and their compliance with the original settlement data from which they are created. 

· The archives can be easily read by the tax administration in the case of an audit. 

· This security is ensured by a reliable technical process, which guarantees and allows the verification of the return of the data in the state of their original registration, as required by the regulations.

A tailor-made consulting offer 

Certify a cash register software with LNE or Infocert, unblock a LNE or Infocert certification request that is deadlocked, or set up the individual attestation of the cash register software publisher; fiskaltrust offers tailor-made consulting solutions! 

fiskaltrust assists manufacturers and publishers of cash register software, as well as, large companies who create their own software, in securing the fiscalisation of their software and cash register systems to comply with tax regulations. 

From the integration of the fiskaltrust software component, management of relations with the different organizations, follow-up of the progress of the file, fiskaltrust offers a complete solution. 

The fiskaltrust team of experts is here to advise and assist you in the certification process, allowing you to focus on your core business. 

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