The law on cash register security has already been in force for four years and still the majority of cash registers are not compliant. Until now it was and still is not such a big problem. But times change, the world keeps turning and what is not a concern today can become a very serious problem tomorrow.

A large part of cash registers are not fiscalized!

Yes, this is really the case. In 2018, when the law went into effect, there was a year of transition. All business owners had time still to respond according to the law and convert their cash register systems. The year after, 2019 only warnings were given and entrepreneurs were made aware of what was necessary. And then came Covid-19, in 2020 and 2021 simply no one had the time to worry about fiscalization of cash registers. Businesses were closed, had no sales, and no reason to change anything.

Those were the general reasons, but it’s also about money. Fiscalization is also an investment. As a cash register manufacturer, there is an investment of time, working to convert the POS system to comply with ISCA rules. In addition, there is the cost-intensive audit with one of the two certification bodies, LNE or Infocert. This can be a five-digit sum for the first year, and the re-audits have to be paid for the following years as well. All these investments have to be earned back. And all these costs are pushed onto the cash register operator, who in turn had no or very small income in the last years. This does not have to be so, keep reading to find out why.

It is always about the money!

As we have just seen, the investments must be paid. The state, however, is no different. The subsidies and expenditures of the last two years must be financed, which can only be done through taxes. Tax increases are simply not possible, sensible and are unthinkable now. Therefore, the state will have to make sure that existing taxes are paid. And the sales tax is the most important tax.

Unfortunately, there are always people, companies or organisations that are not very mindful of the tax situation. The state tries to track them down with cash controls. And this is becoming more and more frequent. Let’s just think of Franck Provost at the end of 2021, who was one of the first to be controlled. In total, more than 11 billion euros were recovered through financial controls in 2021, which makes it clear how important Bercy takes the matter. And it’s not just about the big companies, anyone can be targeted by financial controls. This is shown by the case of a supérette in Val d’Isère, which was controlled.

Fear is not a good advisor!

And especially in this case, it is the wrong one! Now one should take time and consider all options. The first thing to consider is whether, as a cash register manufacturer, you are affected at all. The law is very clear and leaves little room to maneuver: All POS systems that accept payment methods other than bank transfers and bank cards fall within the scope. And also of import, all eCommerce sites are also affected. So it’s not a good idea to use your own web store to collect cash, because that store falls within the scope.

Are you not sure? Contact our team of specialists on this topic right now!

There are two ways for the cash register manufacturer to react: the aforementioned certification or a self attestation. Using a self attestation may be chosen by all manufacturers who produce POS systems for other companies. However, if the POS system is created by a company for their own internal use, it must be certified. More details about this area can be found in a separate post on our blog. Once it is clear that you have to do something this leads to the next question.

How can I quickly fiscalize my POS system?

Normally it takes months to achieve fiscalization in compliance with the law. And then again weeks to perform the certification and audits. The time is often not available and also the expertise has to be acquired first.

Let’s say it directly: We make complicated things simple! Use our expertise on this topic and integrate the fiskaltrust.middleware into your POS system. This way, the ISCA rules are quickly implemented and, what’s more, you don’t have to invest anything but some time and familiarization with our documentation. And after a short time you can issue your own self attestation.

But a certification is also possible without any problems. Just integrate the fiskaltrust.Middleware and create your documentation. The application for certification is rapidly possible.

And should any questions arise, our support is there to help and advise you. And not only that, we offer regular workshops to make integration easy.

It really is as simple as it sounds here. Get in touch with our specialists right away!