fiskaltrust offers all of its partners and their PosOperators the use of the fiskaltrust.Portal for free. This graphical interface has been developed to optimize your business processes. Thus, all PosCreators, PosDealers, PosOperators and consultants can easily manage the functions necessary to operate their POS systems via our portal.

Here are some features of the fiskaltrust portal that will certainly facilitate your daily work:

Simple and free registration

The fiskaltrust.Portal is accessible directly via the URL or via the hypertext link on the home page

Signing up is free of charge and in only 5 minutes you can create your company’s account on the fiskaltrust.Portal!

To do so, nothing could be easier, go to, click on Portal Login and then on the Sign Up button on the login page. Then, let us guide you through the 4 steps to create your account and in a few minutes your company account is created. If you have the SIREN of your company at hand, it is even faster. And you can start using the features of fiskaltrust.Portal to optimize and facilitate the management of your POS systems.

Templates for quick and easy configuration

With the fiskaltrust.Portal, you can create your CashBoxes (a configuration container) one by one. However, instead of creating and configuring multiple CashBoxes manually, it is possible from our portal to create and use a template. With this type of template, many similar CashBoxes can be created easily. It’s a real time saver!
And if you really need to create a large number of CashBoxes, we provide you with a PowerShell script that does the creation via our API.

Simplified Customer Invitation

Thanks to our portal, you can also very simply invite your customers to join you at fiskaltrust. Of course, fiskaltrust does not expect you to contact manually and one by one, each of your thousands of customers to accompany them during the registration on our portal. We have developed a tool that allows you to automate this process directly from the portal! Thus, you have the possibility to invite many customers at once and you will be able to easily follow the invitations sent and the registrations on the fiskaltrust.Portal of your customers. Of course, you can also customise the emails or add your own attachment. This is the perfect way to support your customers in the registration process.

Manage many branches quickly

We know how difficult it is to manage the branches at each client. Each POS system has to be connected to a branch. Especially with a large number, this can be a headache. With fiskaltrust.Portal, you can create hundreds or even thousands of branches securely and in minutes.

Customer and Facility Management in one place

The fiskaltrust.Portal also allows you to manage all your customers and your establishments in the blink of an eye. In addition to an easy configuration and customer management, everything is gathered in the fiskaltrust.Portal so that you can easily :

  • Know what version of your system is used by which customer;
  • See the different configurations of your POS systems
  • Monitor the activity and status of each establishment
  • Export data
  • Be able to create fiscal archives automatically

Easy tax audit

The tax authorities can easily export tax data thanks to the portal’s functionalities. Indeed, the fiskaltrust.Portal offers a tool allowing you to export in a few seconds the data of a cash register for a given period.

Also, your certificate or Self-Attestation can be downloaded from the portal. This way, during a tax audit, you can prove to the auditor that your cash register system complies with the law.

The central place for your POS systems

As you can see, just these few special points already make the fiskaltrust.Portal a useful tool. But it will become your central point to work with your clients, which you will not want to miss out on.

  • All customers in one place
  • Access to customer accounts
  • User roles for your staff
  • Easy configuration of POS systems
  • Central management tool for all POS systems
  • Management of compliance confirmations
  • Central storage of POS data

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