If you are thinking of updating or changing your cash register software, don’t hesitate any longer!

In its major plan to digitise administrative affairs, the French government has just announced a 500€ grant for all small businesses that had to close because of the fall 2020 lockdown. Good news: This grant is available for updating cash register software!

fiskaltrust solutions for your cash register

The fiskaltrust.Middleware has been developed to ensure that your PosSystem complies with legal requirements. Thus, we offer a whole range of tools necessary to make your business compliant and stay compliant!

fiskaltrust's services
fiskaltrust guarantees legal protection against manipulation by numbering and linking together each receipt, invoice, etc.
The backup system offered by fiskaltrust automatically saves and securely stores all documents.
fiskaltrust electronically signs all receipts. And to simplify audits by tax authorities, each document created has a unique QR code.
All relevant tax data is securely archived by fiskaltrust, and can be made available to the tax authorities in the event of an audit.

fiskaltrust has thought of everything! The chaining, the ticket number, the storage of the sums, the receipts, the transaction protocol, everything is gathered in the fiskaltrust.Middleware in order to allow you to meet the legal requirements.

Whether you are a user, integrator or manufacturer, fiskaltrust accompanies you in the securing of your cash registers.

The government’s help for your cash register software

120 million euros from France Relance are intended to support TPEs (very small businesses) and PMEs (small to medium size businesses) in their digitalisation. On January 28, the government announced a 500 euro grant for companies that were administratively closed during the second confinement and that had incurred digitalisation expenses, including investments related to cash register software.

The aim of these grants is to be able to assist one million companies in 2021.

To benefit from the 500€ France Num check, you must :

  • Have fewer than 11 employees
  • Have been forced to close between October 30 and December 15, 2020

You will then have to justify the amounts paid (one or more invoices) for the update of your PosSystem and set up your France Num file before March 31, 2021.

As a result, each company meeting the criteria defined by the French government and implementing our solution before the end of March 2021 could save up to €500!

So don’t wait another minute!

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