We have been dealing with these challenging times for more than eight months now, with the lockdown in the springtime taking us by surprise and many of us were hit hard economically. During the following six months, we tried to get back on our feet. And now? Once again we face a lockdown, although not quite as constringant as the one in the spring.

No more work during the lockdown?

Of course hospitality, services and also many recreational businesses must close to the public or can only function in a very limited capacity. To look on the brightside, now is the perfect time to get some work done! We can take this opportunity to get the IT infrastructure up-to-date without restricting ongoing operations or working outside regular working hours. This is the perfect time to prepare for the upcoming inspections by the tax authorities.

But how can this be done?

Do you already have a limited budget? Do you hear the word “order cancellation” several times a day? And now you want to invest? Depending on your industry segment, fiskaltrust.Middleware offers the perfect answer to all these questions. Before you read on, here is an answer for each segment, which may inspire you:

  • As a cash register manufacturer you receive a free instrument for legal compliance!
  • As a cash register retailer you receive add-on products and a perfect administration tool for the POS systems of your customers!
  • As a cash register operator you receive the legal conformity and the security of being perfectly prepared for controls!

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We look forward to discussing with you the solutions that fiskaltrust offers to help your business.

Are you an operator of a POS-System?

Do you still have some POS systems that do not yet use a legally compliant software version?
Then now is the right time to plan and execute the roll-out of the compliant version.
Your POS system does not provide a certified version?
Then you should contact your trusted retailer now and order a legally compliant solution.

Are you a cash register retailer?

Do you already have legally compliant POS systems in your portfolio?
Then now is the right time to pick up the phone or write an email. Contact your customers and explain why a legally compliant POS system is so important. Especially after the the lockdown, the controls by the tax authorities will start and even intensify! Protect your customers now from unnecessary penalties.

Do you sell POS systems without certifications or self attestations?
Did you know that you put yourself, your company and that of your customers at risk of severe penaties from the fiscal authorities? Deliberately placing non-compliant POS systems on the market is punishable by monetary fines from the tax authorities. What is the best way to counter this? Contact your cash register manufacturer today and talk to them about it. Also introduce them to our free solution with the fiskaltrust.Middleware with which they can offer a compliant solution on the market within a few weeks or even days. And you also have the opportunity to supplement your product portfolio with our successful business model.

You develop software for POS systems?

Of course, the requests will decrease with the lockdown. Many retail companies had to close, hospatility is very limited and the entire leisure industry is not allowed to work. We know that and should not be afraid, things will pick up again and then you must be prepared. Now you can set the strategic course for the time of upswing! Take advantage of the calmer times and make your POS systems prepared for the future and in compliance with the law by using our simple and cost effective solution.

With the free fiskaltrust.Middleware you receive a product which fulfils all legal requirements for POS systems. You can start today! You will find all the documentation in our interface documentation and many examples of integration in the GitHub repository of fiskaltrust. Our support team will assist you by phone or email in French, English, German to answer your questions. Within a few days, your POS system will be legally compliant and you will be able to provide your dealers and users with the necessary security with the self attestation.

If you want to go one step further and offer certification from the LNE or Infocert, you’ve come to the right place. Our team of experts will accompany you through the certification process until you receive the certificate. This allows you to take advantage of the LNE’s seal or the NF-525 brand in your marketing and make your POS system even more successful.

Contact us now!
We look forward to discussing with you the solutions that fiskaltrust offers to help your business.