In order to fight against VAT fraud, French law requires for all cash register software and systems to comply with the ISCA conditions (inalterability, security, data retention and archiving).

Therefore, it is mandatory to prove its conformity by a certificate issued by a government accredited body or by an individual attestation from the software publisher (Self-Attestation).

Is your software or POS system not yet compliant? The following information will certainly be interesting for you!

Why implement self-attestation with fiskaltrust?

To comply with the law:

With our middleware, you can simply, quickly and cost-effectively bring your POS systems into compliance with the law.

Indeed, with fiskaltrust chaining, all documents are numbered and interconnected. Thus, the legally required protection against manipulation, is guaranteed.

With our back-up system, every saved document is automatically and securely backed up.

Using our signing mechanism, each document that is created will be provided with a unique QR code, to simplify your audits by the tax authorities.

To free your mind:

Implementing the self-attestation with fiskaltrust is very easy!

In only 4 steps, you can benefit from the self-attestation :

  • Registration on the fiskaltrust.portal;
  • Signing the contract online;
  • Integration of the fiskaltrust software component;
  • And finally, download the individual certificate from the portal

Our attestation conforms to a model set by the French administration and consists of two parts.

The first part certifies the conformity of fiskaltrust.Middleware. The second part is to be completed by the company using the fiskaltrust.Interface, in order to certify the use of the fiskaltrust.Middleware for the registration of its customers’ payments.

The attestation is kept up to date by fiskaltrust on our portal and can be downloaded at any time.

To save money:

fiskaltrust has chosen to publish the fiskaltrust.Interface in a public GitHub project.

Therefore, you have the possibility to use the fiskaltrust.Middleware for FREE when it is installed locally.

Also, by choosing the self-attestation with fiskaltrust, you avoid the cumbersome management of an attestation or a certificate and save the development costs to make your software compliant.

Is the Self-Attestation with fiskaltrust right for you?

fiskaltrust offers tailor-made consulting services to help you in the certification of your checkout system and to set up the individual attestation of the creator of the checkout software.

Our team of experts is here to advise you and accompany you throughout the entire process.  

Our various customer experiences allow us to affirm that self-certification is the ideal solution for software vendors:

  • With a limited number of customers in France
  • Beginning the deployment of their solution in the French market
  • Cannot afford the cost of certification by an accredited body
  • Not having the means to finance development costs in order to become compliant

Do you recognize your situation? Self-attestation with fiskaltrust is made for you!

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We look forward to discussing with you the solutions that fiskaltrust offers to help your business.