While we all have to face an unprecedented pandemic, we now must look to the future and the path out of the Coronavirus crisis, so that we can resume our normal activity as quickly as possible.

Are you a cash register software manufacturer or publisher, responsible for large corporations’ cash systems? fiskaltrust offers these customers support in order to secure the fiscalisation of their cash registers. The fiskaltrust.Interface is a standardized software interface between the electronic registration system and the free security application.

 Here are 4 reasons why you should use fiskaltrust.Services!

A Solution that Conforms to the Law

As of January 1, 2018, all cash register software, electronic cash registers and other POS systems must be secured. They must meet the conditions of inalterability, security, conservation and archiving set by law.

By integrating the fiskaltrust.Service, your checkout system will meet those legal requirements.

Indeed, with fiskaltrust chaining mechanism, all documents are numbered and linked together. Thus, legal protection against manipulation is guaranteed.

With our backup system, each saved document is automatically saved securely.

Using our signature, each document created will have a unique QR code, to simplify tax administration audits.

Chaining, ticket numbering, storage of sums, receipts, transaction protocol, … In short, everything to be compliant!

A Solution that is Free

The challenge for fiskaltrust is to help manufacturers and publishers of cash register software to easily comply with tax legislation and to be as cost-effective as possible for manufacturers (PosCreator), resellers (PosDealer) and users (PosOperator).

Thus, fiskaltrust has chosen to publish the fiskaltrust.Interface in a public GitHub project

You therefore have the option of using the fiskaltrust.Service for FREE when it is installed locally.

Our product “ChaîneLocale” is the ideal solution for cash registers installed on site by the user. It is compatible with all types of equipment and allows you to comply with the legal specifications of the DGFiP while optimizing your business processes. And all this from € 0 per month!

Help in Troubled Times

fiskaltrust is a fintech company combining tax and IT knowledge and representing a model of trust and fairness for companies, tax authorities and consumers by offering a service oriented towards partnerships.

fiskaltrust also makes it a point of honour to treat its customers, partners, colleagues and employees equally.

Thus, more than 22,000 manufacturers, developers, resellers, consultants and companies have trusted us and take advantage of the fiskaltrust.Service.

In these difficult times, caused by the COVID19 health crisis, save time and money by using a solution that requires no development on your part. And give yourself peace of mind for future tax audits by using our security system.

A Solution that Evolves with Your Business

fiskaltrust is a company open to comments and new ideas. We use agile methods for our development as well as for our management and adopt the latest technologies in our products.

In addition to the free “ChaîneLocale”, fiskaltrust offers additional products and functions in order to obtain better performance for your cash registers but also to facilitate your daily life.

  • The fiskaltrust.Portal: This option allows the recording and conservation of all relevant tax data, for maximum optimization of your business processes thanks to the complete automation of the functions of the cash register. You can manage your cash registers in a single location and keep track of your receipts.
  • ChaîneCloud: In addition to meeting all legal requirements, this software component offers additional online functions. It is the ideal solution for online stores, automat applications, anything that is permanently connected to the Internet. No installation of software components on the POS system is necessary.
  •  ArchiveAuditable: This option allows the recording and archiving of relevant tax data in accordance with French law. An essential tool in the event of an audit of the tax administration.

Look to the future and calmly prepare for the end of the crisis with fiskaltrust!

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