Beginning on January 1, 2018, all cash register software, cash registers and other POS systems have been required to be secured, and meet the administrative and fiscal requirements.

Is your software or your POS system truly compliant and suitable for your business?

In order to fight against VAT fraud related to the use of software allowing the dissimulation of revenues, the Finance Law for 2016 introduced the obligation at the beginning of 2018 for merchants and other professionals subject to VAT, to register payments from their customers by using secured and certified accounting software or POS systems.

From 1 January 2018, the use of accounting software or a POS system meeting the conditions of inalterability, security, storage and archiving of data, must be certified by a certificate issued by an accredited body or by a self-attestation issued by the publisher.

By integrating the fiskaltrust.Service in your POS system, you will meet all the conditions linked to the use of certified cash register software in France. Developed with high technology tools we are confident in the compliance of our software!

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