Audits by French Tax Administration have started!

As you know, since January 2018, all cash register software, cash registers and other cash register systems must be fiscally secured. 

What does this mean for POS manufacturers, POS software creators and large companies? 

fiskaltrust has summarized the conditions for you that are required to bring your cash register into compliance, so that it meets the French legal requirements. 


This is to ensure that the recorded data cannot be edited without a trace. Thus, it is not enough to protect the data against any modification by third parties, but also against any modification made by the owner / holder of the data itself. 


You must ensure that payment records made by anyone accessing the software or system are stored, as well as any changes made to the initial records. In other words, you must prevent the untraceable deletion or modification of the data. 

Retention and archiving of data: 

The software or cash register system must be able to archive the recorded data. The purpose of the archiving procedure is to render the data inalterable and to establish the date of the archived data. 

All data must be stored (in the software or cash register system) or archived (on external storage). As the data is used to establish the accounting, proof of its inalterability and traceability, it must be kept for a period of six years. 

fiskaltrust guarantees a secure fiscalization for cash registers, we help you to bring your payment software into compliance with French law. 

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